Are you involved with a charitable organization?
Do you volunteer, donate, or get involved with charities, nonprofit, or not-for-profit organizations?
Did you answer yes to either of these questions?
What if I told you, you can enjoy exploring and tasting wine while giving back to your charity or nonprofit organization?
Well now you can!

Introducing wineswithcauses.org
The Wine Event for Charity

Wines with Causes links charities and connects wine lovers with philanthropy.

Did you know that wine consumption in the United States alone is at an all-time high?

According to World-Wide Wines, wine consumption in 2015 reached more than $44 billion dollars!
Here are the latest statistics:
Revenues for US Wine Sales: Is estimated at $39.8 billion, a 5% increase from 2015 (Wines & Vines, 2017)
Total US Wine Sales Revenue (including imports): Is estimated at $60 billion (Wines & Vines, & BW166, 2017)
Total Cases Shipped: 399 million, up 3% from 2015 (GFAWine,2017)
Growth: 2016 is the 24th consecutive year of grown for US wine sales.

Wines with Causes has wine portfolio to present at signature events. The events are targeted to novice wine drinkers and enthusiasts alike with a social media platform. The platform contains educational videos, recipes and events revolving around “for the fun of wine” themes.

Promotions revolving around food, wine and travel are designated state-by-state following applicable laws.
Proceeds from the events and sales of the wines, are donated to your charity.

What We Do:

From our portfolio of wine, in conjunction with restaurants, catering halls and club licenses, we create an event. Any of our events can be co-sponsored. These events will be an introduction of the wines and the programs associated with the philanthropic process.

The syllabus for the events are as follows:
introduction to the sponsor
introduction to the venue or organization
introduction to the charity
introduction to wines with causes.

There are three platforms to these events:

The first platform is setting up a charitable event.  Wines with causes will organize “an event” a wine tasting if you will. Guests and charity supporters are invited to explore a portfolio of wines designed by wines with causes, to be invigorating and profitable. Your wines with causes marketing consultant will coordinate guest speakers, wine producers, food and wine pairings, and sponsors.  Each event will introduce the wines, the regions wines where the wines are produced, and profile the tastings.

The second platform is a portfolio of wines that continuously remain online for sale at the wines with causes website, with proceeds going back to the designated charity.  A specific wine club can be designed around a revolving portfolio for residual income to the charity or nonprofit organization.

The third platform is designing a wine brand for your charity or nonprofit organization. There are two opportunities here. The first is: wine with causes will connect the charity to award-winning wineries that can produce a “second label”.  The second opportunity is a joint venture with a specific wine producer to create, trademark, and market an incredible brand-new line of fascinating wines. The wines are marketed and sold at the wines with causes website. Both opportunities create an endless residual income for the charity or nonprofit organization.


Wines with Causes (WWC) wine events are hosted by our WWC Team. Our team coordinates guest speakers, the wine portfolio and sponsors. We introduce the wines, regions and profile the tastings at each event. If so desired, private labels for charity can be produced, branded and trademarked. Proceeds from the sale of each brand will go back to the charities accordingly.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and hope that you are to! If you or someone you know support a charity, not for profit, or nonprofit organization, contact us today!

Partner with us and raise a glass and raise some funds! 

We are thrilled to announce our newest sponsor Blue Line Media LLC!