Alce Cura Grillo Terre Siciliane

Alce Cura Grillo Terre Siciliane
100% Grillo
Sicily, Italy

Meet Grillo (pronounced GREE-lo). Hailing from Sicily, Grillo is a white wine grape—thought to be native to Sicily—thar produces crisp and savory wine..

A crossing of Catarratto and Moscato di Alessandria (Zibibbo) grapes, Grillo was once used exclusively in Marsala production. Plantings declined in the 1960s, when producers opted for more vigorous varieties.Grillo was nearly abandoned and it was uncertain as to whether or not Grillo would survive. Luckily, a new wave of Sicilian winemakers put a stop to this concern around 2004. In 2014, Grillo plantings reached approximately 16,000 acres—a 180% increase from 2004. .

Grillo thrives in the heat, unlike other white grapes that are brought to Sicily’s hot, arid climate. Many white grape can end up getting “cooked” by the sun, thus taking on jammy characteristics that are generally considered to be less than ideal for vinification. Grillo stands as unique in that it does extremely well in the heat of the Sicilian sun, and when left to overripen on the vine, it’s capable of producing absurd amounts of sugar.  Grillo is just as capable as grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc of producing dry, refreshing, thirst-quenching wine.

Tasting Notes

Alce Cura is a vibrant and savory, light to medium-bodied dry white wine. At first, the nose opens with lovely delicate aromas of spring flower, citrus, herb and white stone fruit followed by a hint of what can be described as Mediterranean sea spray scents. The round, juicy palate offers up lemon zest, ripe peach, juicy grapefruit, pineapple, almond and mineral alongside a vibrantly fresh acidity. Apple notes linger with a hint of Mediterranean herb while a saline note provides backup on the finish.

Denomination: IGT
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV

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