Vino Calandra Barbera

Piemonte DOC, Italy
100% Barbera

This medium-bodied, delightful red is grown in the Piemonte DOC area in the regions of Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo.

Vino Calandra Barbera is a brilliant deep ruby red when young and becomes garnet with aging.
The bouquet is vinous intense and full of fruity aromas. The taste is both rich and light-bodied with notes of strawberry and sour cherry. Light tannins and high acidity make this wine fresh, “juicy” and elegant on the palate.

It is excellent with Italian antipasti, soups, Pasta e Fagioli, chicken, as well as burgers and pork dishes. You may also wish to try pairing this with rich dark meats, mushrooms, herbs, herbaceous cheeses like blue cheese, higher tannin foods like root vegetables & braised greens. The idea here is that the bright acidity in the wine will make a rich fatty or high tannin dish complete.

FRUIT: Dark Cherry, Dried Strawberry, Plum, Blackberry
OTHER: Violet, Lavender, Dried Leaves, Incense, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Anise
OAK: Yes. Large neutral oak casks.
AGEABILITY: Traditionally enjoyed within 2-4 years.